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Meet Uzi

Uzziah, also called Uzi, is a nonverbal young adult with autism who was featured on HBO’s special: Night of Too Many Stars with Jon Stewart. The story of this remarkable young man highlights many fears that parents and caregivers have about their children; once schooling and services have ended, their child’s future is uncertain.

When Uzziah was about two years old, his mother noticed that he was not able to talk. About two years later, Uzi's family discovered that he had autism. He joined Urban Autism Solutions at our farm program while he was an A-B Honor Roll Student at Al Raby High School. Uzi thrived at the farm and showed great enthusiasm for the projects.

Today, Uzi works for the Tri-Taylor community and helps enhance the neighborhood. His supervisor reports that in rain or shine Uzi is ready to work and is proud to bring home a paycheck to his family.

Please consider contributing to Urban Autism Solutions. Your gift will help more adults like Uzi build an enriched life after high school. Donate here.

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