Each of Urban Autism Solutions' programs is dynamic and cater to participant’s needs. Our community partnerships  promote an inclusive community that supports and understands young adults with autism.


We offer a number of different programs, including: UAS West Side Transition Academy, Growing Solutions Farm, Washdog Chicago, Network 1212, and our  Residences.

Read our FAQs to find out if one or more of these programs may be right for you or your loved one.


Our CPS Partnership Program

The UAS West Side Transition Academy is the first of its kind located on the West Side of
Chicago. Our innovative community-immersion program prepares Chicago high school students who have autism or related disorders for post-secondary success.


Our Agricultural Community Program

Growing Solutions Farm provides young adults with autism the opportunity to develop soft-skills needed for the workplace. Each participant works as a farm intern and interacts with our compassionate team, including our Lead Grower, Farm Operations Manager, and Vocational Coordinator.


Job Opportunity for Young Adults with Autism

Our Washdog Chicago service employs young adults with autism to clean and wash dogs. Employment depends on the number of neighborhood dogs registered with the program. So, if you need a caring team to clean and wash your dog(s) for an affordable price, contact us!


Our Social Program fro Young Adults with Autism

Network 1212 is our social program that invites young adults with autism to meet one another in a fun and accepting environment. Our participants meet on a monthly basis and partake in game nights, restaurant meetups, outings in the city, and more.


Our Second Residential Program

Our second residential model was opened in 2018 to accommodate the demand for a residential space that supports young adults with autism. Similar to Project 1212, residents develop customized goals with staff members and are given the resources to network with the community.

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Phone: (773) 377-5691

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