UAS West Side Transition Academy

In the fall of 2019, we opened the UAS West Side Transition Academy. The UAS Academy is designed for West Side Chicago Public Transition-Aged High School students (typically 16-21 years old). The UAS Academy provides services to our students that are often not available in their own schools with regular frequency such as Speech and Language Therapy, Social Work, and Occupational Therapists.  Additionally, the UAS Academy provides job shadows and community-based experiences.

With guidance from our team, our participants learn to engage with the community, utilize neighborhood resources such as the library and public transportation, prepare for interviews, and achieve their personal goals.

During COVID-19, UAS continues to meet with students virtually and provides the same level of high-quality clinical intervention, programming, and experiences.


UAS continues to work diligently to unite Chicago's West Side community and raise awareness about the unique challenge’s young adults with autism face. We continuously strive to build inclusive opportunities for our participants who do not have access to the wealth of resources as opposed to others who do.

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Address: 1212 W Flournoy St, Chicago, IL 60607

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