Teens With Autism Will Enter Adulthood Each Year.

Every year, thousands of teens with autism age out of high school. For the majority of these young adults, this is the end of their autism-based services and support. As a result, students can go on to be jobless and develop feelings of isolation.

Low-Income and Minority Youth with Autism Face Worse Outcomes than Peers


2018 National Autism Indicators Report

Since our founding in 2012, UAS has served more than 400 young adults and provides a multitude of opportunities for individuals through our innovative community-focused programs, including our transition academy.

In 2019, we opened the UAS West Side Transition Academy, which prepares West Side Chicago Public High School students with autism and related disabilities the opportunity for community-based experiences as they transition out of high school.

With guidance from our team, including graduate students in Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Social Work, our participants learn to engage with the community, utilize neighborhood resources such as the library and public transportation, prepare for interviews, and achieve their personal goals.

UAS continues to work diligently to unite Chicago's West Side community and raise awareness about the unique challenges young adults with autism face. We continuously strive to build inclusive opportunities for our participants who do not have access to the wealth of resources as opposed to others who do.