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Teens With Autism Will Enter Adulthood Each Year.

Every year, thousands of teens with autism age out of high school. For the majority of these young adults, this is the end of their autism-based services and support. As a result, students can go on to be jobless and develop feelings of isolation.


Urban Autism Solutions is dedicated to changing outcomes for young adults with autism through an integrated community life that advances social and vocational opportunities.

Since its establishment in 2012, UAS has served more than 1,000 young adults through innovative, person-centered programs including the UAS West Side Transition Academy, Growing Solutions Farm, the UAS Life Lab and our Network 1212 social programs. These programs focus on the acquisition of life skills, community integration, social interaction, and vocational training. 

We are located in a relevant, walkable neighborhood just three miles to Chicago's Loop with easy access to public transportation, shops and restaurants. 

Whether we are serving West Side Chicago public high school students from transition programs at our UAS West Side Transition Academy or at Growing Solutions Farm, or offering opportunities to the broader autism community for socialization through Network 1212 or our other programs, UAS believes that all young adults living with autism and other learning differences are valued members of society.

One thing is certain: people don’t outgrow autism. And studies show that young adults with autism are floundering after they leave high school. At the end of the school year in which a student turns 22 years old, programs and services provided through the public school system are no longer available. For young adults without employment or a plan, this can lead to significant isolation and withdrawal from the community. This period is often described as ‘falling off a cliff.’  

UAS aims to change this all-too-common trajectory by catching students before they fall through the cracks. UAS offers hope for a better future by nurturing strengths and providing individually tailored, person-centered support to each participant through our unique, nationally recognized programs and services.  

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