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The Tracy Story

Julie and Michael Tracy are the proud parents of two young adult sons, Joseph and John. While Joseph developed typically, John was diagnosed with autism at age two. Unpredictably, John’s mental health declined, and his autism diagnosis complicated treatment. He was admitted to Rush University Medical Center during the summer of 2011, where he stayed for five weeks.

It was almost impossible to stabilize John. During these uncertain months, while observing the need for more specific psychiatric and transitional care directed towards young adults with autism, the Tracys' vision emerged: residential, vocational, and social solutions for young adults.

Now, Urban Autism Solutions empowers young adults with autism on the West Side of Chicago to live a life with confidence. UAS provides inclusive opportunities for young adults with autism who would otherwise not have access to essential resources for growth such as social and vocational training. The Tracy Family and UAS team continue to work toward a stable and safe society where young adults with autism achieve their goals and are included in the fair distribution of rights and benefits.

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