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The Sensory Garden at Growing Solutions Farm


Sensory gardens are filled with plants that have a heightened appeal to the five senses  - smell, touch, hearing, taste and sight. These special gardens invite visitors to slow down and get familiar with the plants. Visitors to the sensory garden are encouraged to listen, smell and even touch and even eat some of the plants (be sure to ask Farmer Tucker which plants can be tasted before you start nibbling). Get close up to the bright colors of the flowers and let your eyes wander.

The sensory garden at Growing Solutions Farm was designed specifically with people with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities in mind. But everyone is welcome to enter and enjoy this unique space.

The garden is home to more than 20 different species of plants. Each has unique characteristics. Get up close and explore each plant -- visiting the sensory garden is meant to be an interactive experience. Take your time and be sure to stop to smell the roses (yes we have roses, but they aren't the only flowers that have a wonderful fragrance!).


Scroll down to learn about the plants.about each plant.

Explore the Garden

In 2021, the Windy City Lions Club helped fulfill our goal of creating a sensory garden at Growing Solutions Farm. With their support and amazing volunteers, the first plants were installed in May of 2021. 

In 2022, NEXT for AUTISM provided additional

funding to help expand the sensory garden and put in a new palate of plants for visitors to enjoy. With the help of volunteers from the Windy City Lions Club, more than 150 new plants went into the garden in May of 2022. ​

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