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Autism Acceptance Month: Trey


Trey, 31, is a long-time attendee at the UAS Monthly Meetup. He often attends with two of his best friends, Mitchell and Vicente, who he met at other autism support groups. Trey has made lasting friendships with other young adults at the UAS Meetup.

Trey says: Even though people with autism are born differently, they have unique attributes that make them special and they are fine just the way they are.

It can be hard to socialize but when you find people who care about you they don’t care that you’re born differently. I didn't have any friends my whole life until I was 28 when my dad found some support groups in Evanston and an anime meetup in Chicago.

It was a bit hard for me to go to college because I needed accommodations like having a longer testing time. I have an associate’s degree in art from Olive-Harvey Jr. College and got a bachelor’s of art at St. Xavier University. I work at LYFE Kitchen at Northwestern Hospital.

I was inspired by Pokemon to make my own drawings of monsters on my Surface Pro Tablet.

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