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Autism Acceptance Month: Mitchell

In recognition of #AutismAcceptanceMonth, each Friday we will post a perspective from one of our friends in the #autism community in an effort to share their insights about autism. Though you may agree or disagree with their feelings, please remember this is meant to share perspectives and your thoughts and perspectives may differ.

Mitchell, 26, has attended our Monthly Meetups at Pompei Restaurant for many years. He works at the Museum of Contemporary Art as full-time visitor experience associate and serves on the MCA's Accessible Task Force. He wrote his Guide to Interacting with People with Disabilities as part of his work with the task force.

IMAGE: Mitchell

"If you've met one individual with autism, you've met one individual with autism." - Dr. Stephen Shore. This is one of my favorite quotes.

People think that the autistic label means that everyone is the same but the fact is that each person is a very different individual.

People with autism are not stupid or all geniuses, but we can achieve and do anything like anyone else. There are times when people will need help. Always make sure to ask before you help and follow the lead of the person you're helping. If you help without asking you can offend them.

There are accommodations or modifications that enable people with disabilities to perform their essential functions. If you are not sure how to interact or how to identify, just ask. It is better to ask than assume.

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