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FARM ASSISTANT - 2 part-time positions available

Reports to: Lead Grower, Operations Manager

Posted 1/21/2022

Urban Autism Solutions is seeking two part-time farm assistants to help at our Growing Solutions Farm, a 1.2-acre produce farm located on Chicago's West Side. 


Urban Autism Solutions is dedicated to changing outcomes for young adults with autism through an integrated community life that advances social and vocational opportunities. Working outdoors. Building a community of diverse learners. Gaining the identity of an employee. Harnessing the skills and talents of our young adult clients while acquiring expertise in a flourishing local food industry. These concepts are the genesis of our nationally recognized Growing Solutions Farm.


This position reports directly to the lead grower of Growing Solutions Farm. The position pays $15/hour and is a weekly position for 20 hours a week from April/May-November 2022.


Job description:

Assist lead grower with tasks related to the farm including but not limited to:

  • Planting

  • Harvesting

  • Wash Pack

  • Sanitation

  • Transporting and moving of equipment and materials, as needed

  • Ability to lift at least 30 pounds

  • Lawn Care: weeding, mowing, trimming lawn, garbage pick-up, etc.

  • Marketing produce

  • Set up farm for instruction, visitors, guests, staff and volunteers, as needed

  • Produce sales at our market(s)

  • Assist farmer with teaching in person or online and/or serving as an aide to student participants

  • Assist with marketing

  • Assist with programming and supervision of young adults with autism and related disabilities

  • Other duties as assigned by farmer



  • A valid driver’s license

  • Ability to pass a background check and drug screening

  • Ability to respond to phone calls, texts in a timely manner

  • Ability to lift at least 30 pounds

  • Trustworthy and honest; great attitude and customer positive customer service skills

  • Enthusiastic; work with volunteers, students, staff and general public

  • Ability to use computer, email and google documents as requested

  • Basic knowledge of food safety practices/sanitation

  • Ability to be organized and work in a fast-paced environment without supervision

  • Basic knowledge about Urban Autism Solutions/Growing Solutions Farm

  • Other duties as assigned


A typical market day:

  • Begin at the farm packing up necessary materials: produce, tent, signage, electronics, etc.. There will be a simple checklist to follow.

  • Travel by car to the market in the West Loop. 

  • Work the market. That entails sales, providing customer service, restocking produce, and managing payments (cash and Square - via iPad).

  • Return to the farm and complete necessary paperwork, some of which can be done during the market. Clean materials and store as directed.

  • Other duties as assigned


Schedule and Hours:

  • Monday through Friday from 9 am to 1 pm

  • Not to exceed 25 hours a week


To apply, send your resume to Tucker Kelly, Lead Grower and Operation Manager, at

Urban Autism Solutions was founded in 2012 by Julie and Mike Tracy, as a result of their search for appropriate programs for their son John, who has autism, as he aged out of high school. Dissatisfied with what they saw, they founded UAS to help improve outcomes for young adults with autism and related challenges through supported immersion in the community and social and vocational programs.


Urban Autism Solutions provides these services at its UAS West Side Transition AcademyGrowing Solutions Farm, a 1.2-acre produce farm in the Illinois Medical District, and through various social programs via Network 1212. While some programs are open, the UAS West Side Transition Academy was established primarily to serve young adults with autism from West Side Chicago public high schools.

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