WhY Support UAS?

People like you enable Urban Autism Solutions to provide person-centered vocational training, speech/language services, social opportunities and life skills instruction to young adults with autism and related challenges. With your help, we have reached more than 1,000 diverse learners through Growing Solutions Farm, the UAS West Side Transition Academy, Network 1212 and our other nationally recognized programs. 

 Without you, more young adults with autism would be just another statistic – more than half of people with autism are unemployed in the two years after leaving high school. Many rarely socialize or engage in community activities after high school. With your support, we can change that narrative. 

Please consider giving to UAS today. Your support makes a difference.


Covers the cost of an initial assessment with a social worker and speech/language pathologist


Provides three hours of job research and coaching for one young adult


Covers a monthly meet-up at a neighborhood spot for 30 young adults to socialize and make new friends


Provides a scholarship for one student to attend “Summer Boot Camp”

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Urban Autism Solutions Academy

Why we serve

UAS is committed to serving young adults with autism and related challenges because we believe that every person deserves the opportunity to succeed.

Who We Serve

Every year, more than 50,000 teens with autism age out of high school. For the majority of these young adults, this is the end of their autism-based services and support. As a result, many can go on to be jobless and develop feelings of isolation.

Ninety-five percent of our West Side participants live in households at or below the national poverty level. Studies have shown that low-income and minority youth with autism face worse outcomes in adulthood than their neurotypical peers, including much higher rates of unemployment and lower rates of independent living.


UAS strives to fill these gaps with programming that helps eliminate barriers that prevent young adults with autism and related challenges from experiencing employment and living independent, meaningful lives.