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Meet Dori

Dori is a young woman who is a former participant of Urban Autism Solutions. Currently, she works at Scafuri Bakery, a century-old Italian neighborhood bakery in Chicago’s Little Italy, since October 2017.

“Dori had first attended a baking event with Urban Autism Solutions at the bakery. She was incredibly fun to work with and was very helpful and engaged in what we were doing,” says Kelly Lynch, the managing partner who hired and helped train Dori, “When we discussed hiring her I knew she was interested and would be ready to do what she could. Dori was very positive and was friendly with the other staff. She was always very enthusiastic to work.”

Lynch observed Dori applying skills learned at Urban Autism Solutions' Growing Solutions Farm to her new responsibilities at the bakery.

“She would greet customers and also help make coffee drinks when needed. She did require a little extra one-on-one work at first, especially when it was a new task, but after she was used to the tasks she had a checklist she would independently work though during her shifts." Lynch adds that Dori is amazing and she loves working with her.

Next time you're at Scafuri Bakery, expect a warm greeting from Dori!

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