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Frontline Hero Feature: Mhel Trisha Woo

When you walk into Project 1212, one of Urban Autism Solutions Integrated Living Facilities for young adults with autism, it won’t take you long to notice operations manager, Mhel Woo. You’ll see her effortlessly running up and down between two flights of stairs or helping clients (with a tender confidence that is innate).

Mhel is always moving; managing medications, creating personalized schedules for each residential client, setting up virtual appointments, organizing the staff schedule, managing supply inventory, consulting with parents and healthcare professionals, organizing essential documents, and assisting residents to fulfill their day-to-day obligations.

She represents one of the many essential healthcare professionals across the country who are working around the clock, while potentially putting her own health at risk. While we recognize the extraordinary efforts of doctors and nurses, it is easy to forget about the people who show up each day to residential homes, nursing facilities, or related facilities.

Mhel is undoubtedly original with a joyful spirit and an eagerness to do her job well, clients and colleagues alike can count on her and her can-do attitude. Her commitment to do her best every day for every client is inspiring, but it’s also exhausting.

In all actuality, Mhel’s job and those of the rest of her team (Julie, Christina, Martha, Miss Harris, Zechary, and Jeremy) – all deemed essential workers – is daunting like never before. Clients have increased stress and anxiety; tempers are short, and the disruption of daily routines is frustrating to say the least. There is more cleaning to do by staff and clients and a genuine longing for normalcy.

Mhel credits her team and says she couldn’t get through this time without being able to lean on one another by venting frustrations or just finding something silly to laugh at together. Mhel is also especially grateful that the clients have largely remained healthy during this time and knows that this too will pass.

Thank you Mhel for being a Frontline Hero!

Please show your support to Mhel and other Frontline Heroes at Urban Autism Solutions by sending messages of support to or leaving a comment on our Instagram or Facebook page.

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