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Autism Acceptance Month: John

In recognition of #AutismAcceptanceMonth, each Friday we will post a perspective from one of our friends in the #autism community in an effort to share their insights about autism. Though you may agree or disagree with their feelings, please remember this is meant to share perspectives and your thoughts and perspectives may differ.


I'm John Tracy and I have autism and here are some things I would like people to know about autism:

  • Autism is a developmental disability it is something you are born with.

  • There is no one autism.

  • Having autism does not necessarily mean you can not have a full life but there are definitely still challenges socially, academically, and vocationally. Fortunately, the resources to be successful are increasing and acceptance and understanding as well.

  • My parents started Urban Autism Solutions to help people with autism navigate the community, jobs and relationships.

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