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Young Adults with Autism at Urban Autism Solutions Continue Dog Walking Services During the Winter

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Dog owners get an affordable dog care service while helping young adults with autism

CHICAGO, Ill. (November 25, 2019)— Some students and young adults with autism wash and walk dogs that are located in the University Village/ Little Italy area as part of Urban Autism Solutions' vocational program for young adults with autism. The program, Washdog, provides these young adults with a paid work opportunity.

The team at Washdog has taken on new clients, dog-owners on Chicago's West Side, in the summer and will continue into the wintertime, saving owners time and time spent in the cold.

"Our Washdog program provides students and young adults with autism a paid employment opportunity and helps them socialize with the community and gain valuable work skills. Meanwhile, it is the perfect solution for dog-owners who need a caring and responsible team to groom and walk their dog in the winter season," says Christina Hovatter, program manager of Urban Autism Solutions.

Dog washing and walking services will continue in the cold months including December, January, February, and March. Washdog is offering a deal of 10 walks and one bath per dog for just $100.

Video Description: One of Urban Autism Solutions' participants, Shed, walks and washes a dog that belongs to one of Washdog's clients.

ABOUT URBAN AUTISM SOLUTIONS: Urban Autism Solutions (UAS) is composed of vocational, social, and residential programs that help individuals with autism navigate adulthood. We provide opportunities that help our participants develop social and soft skills, prepare for interviews, use public transportation, and achieve their personal goals. With our team of experts, we empower our clients to become self-advocates and live life with confidence.

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