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Don't Get Lax. Wear A Mask. Join our Campaign!

COVID-19 Cases Are Climbing To stay safe and protect not just yourself - but others around you. This is a cause that we are incredibly passionate about - because our Executive Director, Heather Tarczan and co-founders Julie Froehlich Tracy and Michael Tracy had #COVID19 in March, long before testing and any real knowledge about this deadly virus were public. Heather and Julie are still dealing with the long-term implications (read about them and others, here). This article was beautifully written by @BauerJournalism and published by @BlockClubChi. After Heather and Julie had COVID, it quickly spread through our community, hitting our staff, while only slightly impacting our residents. Throughout the pandemic, and thanks to our amazing staff, our residential program stayed open and continued to provide the highest possible services to our clients. For that, we are grateful. Please share our message by adding our photo frame to your profile pic! Just click here!

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