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learn about farming, food and have fun!

Urban Autism Solutions

Building a world where we all belong.

Life Skills. Social Connection. Community Integration. Vocational Training.

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Urban Autism Solutions is dedicated to changing outcomes for young adults with autism and related challenges through an integrated community life that advances social and vocational opportunities.

Every year, thousands of teens with autism age out of high school. For the majority of these young adults, this is the end of their autism-based services and support. As a result, students can go on to be jobless and develop feelings of isolation.

UAS provides a pathway to autonomy where traditional systems fall short by offering clinical and community-based services that equip young adults with essential job and life skills.

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“Urban Autism Solutions is the first autism-based group that my brother has willingly and enthusiastically attended.  Everyone we’ve met at UAS has been inclusive, gracious, knowledgeable and kind.  Matt has attended cooking classes, baseball games, and movie nights and always comes home from these events stating how much fun he had.  These events have become the cornerstone of his social life. For the first time in his adult life, he has the opportunity to participate in age-appropriate activities that aren’t facilitated by family members.” 


—  Laura Massier


An alarming issue being exposed in Illinois is that it has the highest rates of institutionalizing individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities (IDD) in the country. However, it has been shown that people with IDD flourish in a community setting rather than in an institution. Watch the CBS News documentary that sheds more light on the challenges these families face.

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