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Meet our new executive director

A letter from incoming UAS Executive Director, Maura McCarthy.

Dear Friends,

It is such an honor to be a part of the Urban Autism Solutions (UAS) community as its next executive director. UAS has been an organization I have been proud to support for several years. I have watched it grow literally from the expansion at Growing Solutions Farm to the creation of the UAS West Side Transition Academy and our newest program, the UAS Life Lab. What I admire most about UAS – aside from its incredible clients, and all of you its supporters, donors, and friends – is its entrepreneurial spirit. UAS identifies a problem and creates goals that not just impact a life of a young adult for a moment in time but potentially for a lifetime.

Our founders Julie and Mike Tracy, the UAS Board of Directors, and our outgoing, longtime executive director, Heather Tarczan have created a unique model that has led to waiting lists and inquiries from across the country. Under Heather’s leadership, UAS was able to grow in exponential numbers – numbers that would make any Fortune 100 jealous. There is no doubt I have big shoes to fill.

In the coming months, I look forward to meeting and learning from you. I also can’t wait to share our plans and vision as UAS enters the next chapter.

Kind regards,


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