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Meet Boot Camper Cameron

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

It’s been a busy week at Urban Autism Solution's Boot Camp for young adults. Between cooking lunches, visiting Millennium Park, Chinatown and the Loop and working at Growing Solutions Farm, there’s not much time to do anything but have fun.

Cameron, 20, has been enjoying the camp experience with his two fellow campers. He just completed the first year of a five-year program in information technology management at the Illinois Institute of Technology (Illinois Tech). He graduated from Mount Carmel High School and lives with his parents and two younger brothers in Jackson Park Highlands, a historic district just south of Jackson Park on Chicago’s south side.

Even though it’s been weeks since the end of school, Cameron is still palpably relieved to be finished with the last semester. “I took one of the hardest classes they have – discrete mathematics. Have you ever heard of that?” he asks. Digital culture was another class he took, which looked at things like computer and video games, internet groups and other communities centered around digital technology. “It was a bit tedious, but I liked it,” Cameron said.

In addition to Boot Camp with Urban Autism Solutions, Cameron is participating in the Bridges from School to Work program, which matches young adults ages 17 – 24 with autism and other disabilities with entry-level jobs and provides vocational training.

In the long run, Cameron is interested in working in information technology. “I like doing internet filtering, which is categorizing websites,” he says. “You can filter websites into different categories so you can know what they are about. You need to know these categories because say you’re a school and want the students to not play computer games, you can filter or block those pages from showing up at the school.”

Categorization is a type of organization, and Cameron says he is very organized when it comes to information, but his room, not so much. “I’m still working on my room,” he explains.

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