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Apologue Liqueurs volunteers at Growing Solutions Farm

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Four members of the Apologue Spirited Liqueurs team put in some volunteer hours at Growing Solutions Farm this week in between the downpours that come with late summer in Chicago. The group, included Jordan Tepper, co-founder of Apologue.

“We are committed to using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible,” said Jordan Tepper, co-founder of Apologue Liqueurs. “Local means that products aren’t shipped across the country, which is harmful to the environment. We also have so many wonderful growers who are small businesses like us right here in our own backyard, and we like to have close relationships with our suppliers.”

Image: The team from Apologue helped out with harvesting at Growing Solutions Farm.

The craft liqueur producer, based in Chicago, has partnerships with several local urban farms, including Growing Solutions Farm, which has been providing celeriac for Apologue’s celery root liqueur since 2018. Apologue also produces aronia, persimmon and saffron liqueurs. “Each of our expressions has between eight to twelve fruits, roots, herbs, and botanicals, but there’s always one of what we call a ‘hero’ ingredient,” said Tepper.

Celeriac is a root vegetable with a distinct earthy flavor signature that looks kind of like a cross between a rutabaga and a turnip.

Apologue’s commitment goes beyond simply sourcing locally – the team also puts in some serious volunteer hours at their suppliers’ farms. According to their website, they have volunteered more than 250 hours to date. The Apologue team plans to put in some more hours at Growing Solutions Farm before the end of the growing season.

“We always love to see volunteers at the farm, but having Apologue’s group here is really special because our produce goes directly into their products,” says Tucker Kelly, lead grower at Growing Solutions Farm.

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