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Jim Bruton

Social Worker

Jim joined UAS in 2023 as a licensed social worker.  He earned a bachelor's degree in religious studies from Saint Xavier University and served for ten years in professional ministry before choosing to enter the mental health field. He completed his master's degree in social work at Loyola University Chicago in 2022. His graduate internship experiences provided him with rewarding opportunities to offer individual psychotherapeutic support to young adults with autism and other learning differences, as well as lead psychoeducation and social and interpersonal skills groups. Jim is eager to promote the psychosocial wellbeing of students at the UAS West Side Transition Academy and to lead group experiences focused on developing social-emotional learning. The importance of relationships is at the center of Jim's social work practice and he wholeheartedly believes that every person has unique strengths and potential that need to be recognized and nurtured.

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