Dog Wash
Washdog Chicago

Our Washdog Chicago clients support young adults with autism and meet their dog’s needs through our affordable and professional dog care services.

The Washdog Chicago team is composed of hardworking young adults from our programs. Every week, our team cares for dogs in the Little Italy/ University Village area in Chicago.  All walkers and washers have received training from our community-immersion team and all walks and washes are supervised by our staff.

To start, we get to know you and your dog. Then, if you'd like to go ahead and hire us, we can sign you up for 30-minute walks, dog washing services, or feeding/playtime services. After ten walks, your dog will get a free bath at our professionally equipped dog washing station at our 1212 Residence. Looking for confirmation? We’ll text you with details about the walk and send a photo of your beloved pal.

We have an introductory offer of 10 walks and one bath for just $100 dollars!

Your business employs our young adults and keeps your dog happy and healthy! Contact us to discuss how we can help you.