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In the winter of 2019, UAS opened the fist Transition Academy located on the West Side of Chicago with a pilot program of students from two CPS West Side High Schools, Al Raby and Westinghouse. Based on our successful model of community integration and person-centered approach, we received interest from other West Side CPS high schools, and this fall, we welcomed three additional CPS high schools,  Farragut, North Grand and Ray Graham to our program.  

Our community-immersion program prepares West Side CPS High School students, who have autism or related disorders, for post-secondary success. We accomplish this by focusing on school-to transition; individualized module creation, job exploration, communication skills, social integration, community participation and activities of daily living through individualized person-centered planning.

Our team leaders include UAS Staff, graduate students in Speech and Language Pathology and Occupational Therapy.



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Community Exploration

Transferable Skills

Transferable Skills

Job Shadows

Job Shadows

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