A scenic photograph of Rush Medical Center on Ashland at dusk. There are lights on in the building, and the bright lines for car headlights can be seen on the road.

Thank-you for your 12 hours of student supervision during the Rush University Group Dynamics Assignment between 1/30/17-3/10/17. Your supervision during the Group Dynamics experience enabled the Rush University OT students to gain valuable clinical experience through group leadership, discussion, and intervention planning. This practical learning experience, provided by experienced practitioners, has helped place the Rush University Occupational Therapy Department in the top 25% of OT academic programs in the Nation. I truly appreciate your willingness to assist with the education of occupational therapy students at Rush University. Thank you for being a great example of professionalism by giving back and helping the profession move forward.Sincerely,

Meghan Crisp, MS, OTR/L
Rush University, Department of Occupational Therapy

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