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Our first residence, Project 1212, is located in a relevant, pedestrian friendly, neighborhood on the near West Side of Chicago with immediate access to public transportation. Previously known as “Little Italy,” this neighborhood is within one mile of Rush University Medical Center and walking distance to downtown Chicago. Our residents use public transportation to access nearby schools, museums, restaurants, job opportunities and the other amenities that a large city like Chicago has to offer.

Project 1212  opened its doors on June 11, 2014. It is designed to have a secure, nurturing environment with family-like staff, creating a vibrant community-within-a-community.

The specific autism friendly design includes a combination of public and private spaces. The ground floor has community space that offers social networking opportunities and is a conduit to the surrounding neighborhood. Above and below the community space, two private residential floors can accommodate four individuals with 24/7 staff. The porch and side yard offer access to outdoor recreational space.

In addition to social opportunities, educational programs are tailored for all residents. Instruction and support range from staff direction in ADLs, self-care and presentation to executive function training and assistance for individuals who are employed, in school or volunteering in the community.

Residents area also offered  budgeting and financial literacy support as well as technology training for smartphones applications. An emphasis is placed on transportation navigation and applications to teach immediate life skills in order to build independence.

Our residence is affiliated with the Rush AARTS Center, offering twenty-four hour on-call and emergency wrap-around psychiatric care for those in need. This medical umbrella program includes psychiatric visits with the AARTS center director for an additional fee.

Residents will have access to a full array of psychological and customized vocational assessments and management at additional cost. Project 1212 is a time-flexible housing model. Residents could make a permanent home in our community or opt for shorter term transitional housing for up to 12 months at a time. We have already expanded to additional apartments nearby, and these individuals remain a part of our vibrant community.

To learn more about Project 1212 and becoming a resident, please visit the FAQ section.

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1212 W. Flournoy Street
Chicago, Illinois 60607


Project 1212