Not Enough Cooks In The Kitchen


In every aspect of life, it pays to have a social network. Difficulty with social interaction and building and sustaining social relationships is a core challenge for adults with autism. In fact, even higher functioning individuals report poor quality of life as adults due to persistent challenges in this domain.

Not Enough Cooks in the Kitchen (NECK) is an autism-friendly culinary program, housed in the community kitchen of Project 1212, that provides cooking instruction and the opportunity to share a meal, socialize and meet new friends.  Participants explore new foods and learn how to sequence the addition of ingredients to produce appetizers, a main course and dessert.  Local chefs and volunteers facilitate these cooking events.

Class size is limited but we are exploring ways to customize the program for different learners.  If you are interested in learning more about Not Enough Cooks in the Kitchen, contact us here.