Meet Uzi
Meet UziTwo years ago, we introduced you to Uzi. Uzi is a nonverbal young adult with autism who was featured on HBO’s special: Night of Too Many Stars with Jon Stewart. Uzi’s story highlights many fears that parents and caregivers have about their children; once schooling and services have ended, their child’s future is uncertain.
To do this, we employ person-centered planning to meet each individual’s diverse needs. For some young adults, we provide them with connections to local basketball leagues, help them obtain a library card and/or state ID, assist them in identifying resources such as a food pantry, teach them to navigate public transportation or how to do laundry. In some situations, we connect them to adult resources and case workers.
Our UAS team works side-by-side with these individuals to help them transition into adulthood. We ensure that they are equipped with a myriad of resources and understanding of these resources, and skills prior to turning 22 or graduating from high school.
Today, we are happy to report that Uzi works for the Tri-Taylor community and helps enhance the neighborhood. His supervisor reports that in rain or shine Uzi is ready to work and is proud to bring home a paycheck to his family.

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