Meet Shed

Meet Shed

Shed joined our program through his West Side CPS high school, three years ago. He began his experience with us at our Growing Solution Farm where he learned transferable job skills and excelled in a structured work environment. He also gained self-confidence, Speech and Language skills and was always willing to go the extra mile.

As the Urban Autism Solutions (UAS) team would speak with Shed about his goals for the future, a recurring theme emerged – Shed wanted to work with dogs. A proud owner of two dogs himself, Shed knew the importance of caring for dogs, giving them love, walks, food and water and wanted to turn his passion into a job.

Today, Shed is employed at two local dog care companies and continues to smile every time he talks about dogs and his love of animals.

The story of Shed is one that you have helped make possible through your donations to Urban Autism Solutions. Because of your support, UAS was able to provide Shed with the staff and tools to develop a person-centered plan, which included work with graduate students in Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and a job coach that helped Shed navigate his employment.

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